Membership Information:

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member at the San Diego Mission Bay Boat and Ski Club. There are a few steps in becoming a member and this page will outline that process. If you have specific questions, you should ask them directly to our Membership Coordinator. Once you have decided to become a member, you are first required to attend either a Flag Membership or Board Meeting to present yourself and your intentions of applying for membership. Don't be shy, tell us about yourself, your boat and other information you would like to share. Next, applicants are required to attend Flag Membership Meeting, present themselves to the membership and a vote will follow. This is the way its been done since 1940!

Fees and Dues:

New Membership Fee: $450

A one time fee of $450 is required of new members. The fee is due at your second reading along with your first and last months dues.

Membership Only Dues: $60/month - Boat Storage: Additional $100/month

Monthly membership dues are $60. A membership provides full privledges of the facility and activities. Members are also eligible for boat storage for an additional monthly charge of $100. Additionally, a quaterly assessment is charged to all members of the SDMBBSC. The quaterly assessment is $90 which is billed quaterly. However, the assessment is waived for members that spend $90 quaterly ($30 or more per month) at the club on items such as food, drinks and refreshments. Merchandise purchases do not count towards your assessment. Sounds complicated? It's not.

Here is an example:
Let's say you own a boat and are going to store it at the Boat Club. Your monthly cost will be: $160 per month($60 dues and $100 boat storage). At the beginning of each quarter, you will have a $90 assessment included on your account. Throughout the three months, visit the boat club for a meal or two and some beverages. Once your total assessment related spending exceeds $90, the assessment charge is waived. If you meet a partial amount of the assessment during the quarter, your account shall be adjusted acccordingly.

Submit an Application

If you are interested in becoming a member or need additional information, contact SDMBBSC at 858-270-0840.
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